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    Drop-down or expanding text cause problems in Windows Server 2003

    EileenPalsson Level 1
      At the risk of providing redundant information, here's a problem we had, and how we solved it, in case it saves somebody some sleuthing time:

      Our developers implemented a program (EXE) that is installed on Windows Server 2003 with my team's CHM file. During the course of testing, we discovered that help topics that contain drop-down or expanding text within drop-down hotspots caused problems if Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration is activited.

      Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration is activated by default on Windows Server 2003, and it can (I'm told) also be activated on other operating systems.

      What happens is that a message is displayed. The dialog is called "Internet Explorer", and the error message says:


      Content within this application coming from the Web site listed below is being blocked by Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration. about:security_hh.exe. ... If you trust this Web site, you can lower security settings for the site by adding it to the Trusted sites zone.... [Add] [Close]

      It is a serious-looking error message with a big "not allowed" symbol.

      (The same problem would probably occur if we inserted drop-down or expanding text within drop-down text. I haven't tested it.)

      To solve this and prevent end users from having to fiddle with security settings, our developers changed the installation program so that it makes our program a "trusted site".