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    Student needing URGENT help with flash presentation...


      I am working on a flash presentation with galleries buttons ...basically the full lot. The presentation brief is for a Kiosk - computer in a museum, which when its not being used will go onto a screensaver.


      So my question is ...after ive done the screensaver, how to i actually get it into my main presentation? I've looked ALL over the internet for tutorials and found nothing. Any help that anyone can give will be great -


      MY HAND IN ON FRIDAY .......


      Thanks xDeex

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          presumably there will be some user input (like a screen touch) that will trigger your presentation's start.  you will create a listener for that input and when detected stop/remove your screensaver and start/add your presentation.


          typically you would use a timer of some sort to detect a lack of user activity for some minimum duration that would trigger your presentation to stop and the screensaver to be re-started.

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