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    Text scroll area difficulty


      Flash newbie here, though I'm very familiar with Ps and Pr. Anyway, I just recently purchased this template: http://www.easytemplates.com/preview/300110010 and I'm having difficulty with the scrolling text areas. The finished .swf file has different scroll areas for each of the pages, just like the online preview, but when I go into flash to try and edit them, I can only find the "Little About Us" scrollarea from the "About" page. There is a layer in the flash file called "page," the content of which changes on mouseclick, but that same "Little About Us" scrollarea stays constant in that layer, only moving location. I can't even find any of the other scrollareas in the Library.


      New to Flash, as I said, but even so this seems odd to me (aside from the fact that I need to edit those text areas). I realize I'm asking for help with a thrid-party template that you guys do not have access to, but any help would be greatly appreciated!



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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          There's a good chance these areas are created dynamically and their content is added to them via code.  So you probably need to check the code for the content you want to change.  If the template came with any additional files, the content may be loaded from them.

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            seahorsenation Level 1

            I was wondering if that was the answer - that there is some external file which has the content for each page, which is then plugged in on pageload, but the template didn't come with any additional files that have any content like that in them. :/

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              Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Try changing the content in that file and see if it does the trick.  Just be careful as far as any formatting that may be in that file.  It may use html-like tags or things (don't change these things) equaling things (change these things) that need to be preserved.

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                seahorsenation Level 1

                Not sure which file you suggest I should change content in. There's no .txt or .html etc. file included in the template which has any text that's displayed in the finished .swf file.

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                  Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  If you didn't get a txt for xml file with the package, those would be what I was referring to, so can that idea.


                  What you probably need to do is go thru the library and check out all the symbols in there.  Chances are each section is a movieclip that you will edit.  If you're lucky, they may have named them in such a way as to make it easier to identify that they are the pages/sections.  I say "lucky" because I seldom run into templates that the designer actually makes easy for the buyer to edit... not that I run into alot of templates.

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                    seahorsenation Level 1

                    Still no luck, I'm afraid. :/ I've searched extensively through the library, but to no avail. Here's the .fla file itself: http://envinyatar.org/flash.fla. I don't expect folks to spend hours of their time on my problem, but I'm about to yank my hair out here.

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                      Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      The file is a bit perplexing to locate what's what, even when you have pages opened for editing, but the content is all there from what I can tell.


                      Open the movieclips named page1, page2, etc...  What I suggest you do is double click the different sections you see, especially the text ones, until you can edfit what's in them.  Then when you do edit them, just fill them up with the names of the movieclips that they are.  That way, when you look at the file when playing it to see what shows what, you be readily able to determine which movieclip you need to edit.


                      Since your brand new, here's a for instance... open the movieclip page2 for editing, then double click on the small image near the bottom... that opens another movieclip for editing named 'text scroll'.  Double click on that and it opens another movieclip named text scroll img9.  If you look at the timeline for that movieclip, you'll see it has three frames.  Go into the first frame and change the content to indicate "text scroll img9 frame 1".  Do similar stuff for frames 2 and 3.  So now when you play the movie you will be visually able to determine which movieclip you ultimately need to edit and which frame for a given bit of navigation.


                      You may need to do something similar for page3... I don't know about page1 and page4... but they will follow suit if they have stuff in scrolls somewhere


                      And don't be shy about making notes for yourself in the first frame of the movie on a layer of it's own... notes that may help you find things again sometime in the future.  To make notes in the actions panel, just surround what you enter with comment code markers (/* */)... as shown below...



                      comments and stuff...  using the slash-asterisk pairs allows you to make multiple line comments

                      like this...


                      as many as you like




                      // double slash comments like this one are only good for one line