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    Desktop icon?!?


      Why would I ever want a desktop icon for Adobe Reader?  Especially after I've already installed the Reader, deleted the stupid desktop icon, and then install an update which puts the icon right back?  And why would I ever, ever, ever want an icon directing me to Acrobat.com?  These should be options somewhere, and the default should be to not place unnecessary clutter on the desktop.

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          ~graffiti Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          They're simply shortcuts that can be deleted quite easily.


          I'm not aware of too many applications on the Windows side of things that don't do the same thing.

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            I have a user that cannot delete these icons.  she can delete any other icon on her desktop, but it tells her she does not have permission to delete these 2 reader shortcuts

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              pwillener Level 8

              I certainly want a desktop icon for Adobe Reader; in fact I want a desktop icon for every program I install.


              If you don't use Acrobat.com, there is a version without it (and without Adobe AIR).

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                My desktop icons for Adobe Reader 9.0 and Adobe Acrobat 8.0 change locations on my desktop ever time I re-boot.  (They move from the right side where I want them to the left side in the middle of all the other junk that gets dumped on my desktop.) This happens whether I have "Lock web items on desktop" checked in the desktop properties or not.  This is very annoying.  How can I keep the icons where I want?

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                  pwillener Level 8

                  Other icons don't move?


                  I don't think this is anything to do with Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat; these are just normal desktop shortcuts. Try to delete and recreate them.

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                    Teufelsmuhle Level 1

                    I know other programs do the same thing, and I know they're easy to delete.  That's not an excuse, and I complain when other programs do this too.


                    My real rant here though is that when I install an update, it puts a new shortcut back on the desktop, even though I've deleted the shortcut that was put there with the initial install.  I want to install every update that comes for Adobe Reader (we all know the security track record around here).  I don't want to be discouraged from promptly installing every update by the inconvenience, no matter how minor, of having to cleanup the clutter that the update leaves behind.


                    Yes, this is a very little thing, and yes, I've got better things to be worrying about.  Little things are just grating sometimes though - you know, like that tiniest of pebbles in your shoe that feels like a boulder with every step.

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                      pwillener Level 8

                      It's a good thing that the Adobe Reader installer puts lost icons back onto the Desktop, where they belong.


                      But I'm sure that the customized installation method has a way of preventing Desktop icons. However, I am not going to research that, as I love my Desktop icons.

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                        Teufelsmuhle Level 1

                        You're one of those people with 10,000 icons scattered all across your desktop, aren't you?  The kind of person who when I need to help them with something, they spend 5 minutes looking around their desktop saying, "I know it's here somewhere".

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                          pwillener Level 8

                          Actually being afraid of going a bit off-topic – I have just counted my Desktop items, and it's less than 200! All there; immediately accessible!


                          What is the point of an empty Desktop...?


                          Mind you, I have a thing about people placing downloads on their Desktop! That is a stupid thing to do... But shortcuts to things that I use every day – that is the most useful thing there is.

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                            Teufelsmuhle Level 1

                            I certainly don't disagree with keeping icons on your desktop for the things you use every day.  I do the same thing.  Do you really use 200 different programs every day?  Do you really use Adobe Reader every day?  If you do, then the desktop icon I'm sure is just fine for you.  I certainly don't use Adobe Reader every day, or even every week.


                            Which goes back to my original point - don't put the icon back on the desktop during an upgrade when the user has explicitly removed it from the desktop after the original installation.  I just had this happen to me again today, and it was every bit as annoying as it ever was.

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                              Teufelsmuhle Level 1

                              Another update, another stray icon on my desktop.


                              I'm off to look for an alternate pdf reader.  Anybody know of a good one?

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                                Teufelsmuhle Level 1

                                Yet another update, yet another icon to clutter my pristine, perfectly organized desktop.


                                Awful.  Simply awful.

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                                  pwillener Level 8

                                  What update - there is no new update that I can find anywhere...?

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                                    OP, I feel your pain.  Many programs offer an option during install for a desktop icon.  I think it is quite rude and arrogant to assume that everyone wants to launch reader from a desktop icon.  I think that idea for this software is brilliant, but this behaviour on installs and updates tarnishes their reputation somewhat.  I have been manually deleting Adobe desktop icons for many years.  I am sure that I am not the only person who opens PDF files from the pdf file or a shortcut to the file, not from the program.  I never launch the program unless I want to manually check for updates.  I cannot think of any other need to launch the program from it's icon.  I acknowledge that there are people out there who do things differently to me, but surely there are many who have similar behaviour to mine.  I have shortcuts to many programs that I launch on a regular basis and they either automatically load their data, or I open the file from a single location, but pdf files, by their very nature, can be anywhere on your pc, your local network, or on the net.  I would think that you generally come accross pdf files, whether on your local pc or on the net, and then choose to open them.  I just find it a lot easier to open them from the file.  If I am already looking at the file, why would I minimise what I am doing and then go to find the desktop shortcut, so that I can than click on the file menu, then open, then navigate to the location of the file?  I was already there looking at it?  One mouse click or many clicks?


                                    Ok Rant over, back to work.

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                                      Teufelsmuhle Level 1

                                      Glad to hear I'm not the only one who finds this painful.


                                      By the way, another update (9.1.3) another icon straight into the trash.  Yay!

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                                        Techtronic Level 1

                                        Desktop Shortcut Icons slow the start up for your computer...Otherwise they are a convenience thing...They are listed in your start menu..

                                        Some folks like a shortcut to every program in their computer, others don't...They defineately slow boot times. The more shortcuts the longer the boot time...If you leave your computer running all the time than it does not matter, but if you shut down and start up everyday it is a waiting game...

                                        I don't like a ton of shortcuts because if an Update requires a ReBoot I want speed..I don't mind looking in the Programs list for mine..

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                                          pwillener Level 8

                                          But... if it is really such a big pain to get a disktop shortcut, and have to delete it manually, then why not create a customized install, as I have suggested much earlier?  I would do that if it bothered me that much!


                                          P.S. does the 9.1.3 update patch also create a desktop shortcut?  I didn't know that...

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                                            Jimmysticker Level 1

                                            Pat, this customised install sounds interesting.  Never tried it, but, wouldn't you have to set one up for every different update?  and, if so, would have to take more effort than deleting a desktop icon?  Deleting a desktop icon is not hard, it takes hardly any time, I just find it annoying that it was put there in the first place.


                                            Am I missing something here?  I would like to know what other people do when they click on the desktop shortcut for Adobe reader?  Do they then click "File", then "Open", and so on, to open a pdf?  Do they keep all their pdf files in one place?  Are there other reasons to open the reader program without opening a document in the same step? I am genuinely interested in why others use this software differently to me and how?  Maybe I am missing a better way to do things.


                                            Virtually the only way I use reader is by clicking on the icon of a pdf file in an explorer window, which automatically launches the program and loads the file.  The other similar way I use it is when I view/download a pdf document on the net using the reader plug-in for my browser.  Neither option requires me to open the reader program first, hence, why I have no need of a desktop shortcut to this program.

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                                              Jimmysticker Level 1

                                              Pat, in answer to your PS.


                                              The 9.1.3 update re-instated the desktop icon on my system, as have every update for many years.

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                                                pwillener Level 8

                                                I guess that the customized install will take some effort, and most likely will need to be done for every update.  But from the sheer size of this topic it seems an incredible pain to deleted that unwanted desktop icon...



                                                As for my usage of Adobe Reader, it is easiest for me to first open the Reader, then open the PDF I want from the Recent File list.  Otherwise I would have to open Windows Explorer (from the Desktop shortcut), then navigate to the PDF location to open it.  Yes, I keep PDFs on various locations, for various reasons.



                                                Regarding Desktop content and boot time - yes, there is a relationship.  However, shortcuts are usually 2KB each, and they are processed very quickly.  There are people who keep real files - downloads, images, etc. - on their Desktop, and that can seriously slow down boot time.

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                                                  Jimmysticker Level 1

                                                  I know why this has become a big topic, for such a small problem.  It is because I have been deleting these shortcuts for many years thinking,"this isn't hard and they will fix this soon anyway".  After a few years, I suppose the frustration was bottled up and finally is coming out.


                                                  It is good to get some insight at to how others use the software.  I can see now, some ways that we are different.  I virtually never open the same pdf twice, so a recent docs list will not help me there.  I am also a heavy user of explorer, not just for openeing pdf's.  I open a lot of documents via explorer.  I also use some programs that I do launch from a desktop shortcut and, similar to you, I use the recent docs list, or they have their data in one or only a few places.


                                                  PS.  I sometimes download files to my desktop, but usually only temporarily.  Is that naughty?  I suppose when it comes down to it, we can do whatever we like with our own computers.  I think that is why we get annoyed when a software company tries to dictate to us how we should use our computer.

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                                                    pwillener Level 8

                                                    Jimmysticker wrote:


                                                    PS.  I sometimes download files to my desktop, but usually only temporarily.  Is that naughty?  I suppose when it comes down to it, we can do whatever we like with our own computers.  I think that is why we get annoyed when a software company tries to dictate to us how we should use our computer.


                                                    You are right: you should be free to do with your computer what you like (to a degree; it stops at distributing malware).  Also, software companies should give you the freedom to operate your computer according to your standards.


                                                    Many software installers offer to put a shortcut onto the Desktop or into the Quick Launch bar, which you can uncheck if you like.  Unfortunately Adobe does not do that.


                                                    Complaining here at the forum (which is a user-to-user forum) will not change that.  The only thing that may change that in the future is if an official feedback is given to Adobe, if possible by many people.

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                                                      Teufelsmuhle Level 1

                                                      I don't know that complaining here has no impact.  Any developer worth their salt monitors their user forums from time to time to parse out the users' pain points.


                                                      That said, I have already sent a bug report to Adobe.  If anyone else would like to do the same, you can do so here:



                                                      By the way, another install, another desktop icon. 

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                                                        I've updated Adobe Reader just now... then, googled this (older) thread... I hate it too! Not only it keeps placing useless icon (who launches Adobe Reader manually?), but it also updates registry so that the reader starts on windows start (or logon)! I don't want this "fast launch" feature! With a SSD drive it's useless feature as well.


                                                        Recently I found another pdf reader, looks also very nice, so you may try it too. But I am not sure if it has some unwanted features like this yet...


                                                        it's    Foxit Pdf Reader.

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                                                          I have a question about another Adobe icon, the one which is named 'Adobe Reader 9 Installer,' and which was placed on my desktop when I downloaded and installed the Adobe Reader program.  I couldn't see any need to keep this icon on my desktop, so I decided I would place it in the 'My Documents' folder.  I opened the 'My Documents' folder, and when I moved the 'Adobe Reader 9 Installer' icon into it, up popped a message, which said:


                                                          "This folder is shared with other people.  If you move this folder, it will no longer be shared.


                                                          Folder:  c:\users\public\desktop\Adobe Reader 9 Installer

                                                          Share names: Adobe Reader 9 Installer"


                                                          Could anyone tell me anything about this particular "shared" icon, and why is it absolutely necessary to keep it on the desktop?  I would appreciate any information regarding this particular icon.



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                                                            pwillener Level 8

                                                            It is usually better to start a new topic when asking an unrelated question.


                                                            But anyway, I have never seen the Adobe Reader installer putting anything on the desktop (aside from the much-hated program shortcut).


                                                            Can you tell me what is in that folder?

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                                                              JaniceM47 Level 1



                                                              Thanks for such a quick answer!  I'm sorry I put my question in the wrong

                                                              place, but I hadn't used the forum at Adobe before, and I didn't really know

                                                              what I was doing.  If I have another question in the future, could you

                                                              please let me know how to locate the correct area to place the question in?


                                                              The Adobe Reader 9 Installer shortcut icon was placed on the desktop when

                                                              the Adobe Reader 9 and Adobe Acrobat were downloaded and installed, at the

                                                              same time the Reader and Acrobat shortcut icons were placed on the desktop,

                                                              for a total of three Adobe shortcut icons.  This icon is totally different

                                                              from both the Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat shortcut icons, because it is

                                                              similar to the "My Documents" shortcut icon, except the cover is the regular

                                                              manila file color, with two sheets of paper sticking out of it.  In the

                                                              lower left hand corner of the icon, there is a very small box that looks

                                                              like a picture of the heads and shoulders of two boys, both of whom have

                                                              dark hair, and both of whom are wearing blue shirts.


                                                              I opened the Adobe Reader 9 Installer icon, and below is the most important

                                                              information about the files inside the icon:

                                                              NAME                    TYPE                                      SIZE

                                                              abcpy.ini                 Configuration Settings                           2


                                                              AcroRead.msi        Windows Installer Package            3,880 KB

                                                              Data1.cab              Cabinet File                               107,103 KB

                                                              Setup.exe               Application

                                                              338 KB

                                                              setup.ini                  Configuration Settings

                                                              1 KB


                                                              I included the Type and Size, because that information shows what kind of

                                                              files are inside this folder, but I didn't think the modification date would

                                                              be necessary.  I've never seen an icon with such an unusual message as this

                                                              one showed, when I tried to place it inside a folder!  To be honest with

                                                              you, when I first read the message in the pop-up, I felt as if this icon was

                                                              something like a "Big Brother," because this is a folder which is 'shared,'

                                                              and it may be shared with people whom I don't know.  Later, I began to

                                                              suspect that maybe this icon needed to be on the desktop to facilitate the

                                                              downloading and installation of updates to Adobe Reader.  I don't know for

                                                              certain, because this is the first time I've had the Adobe Reader installed

                                                              in my computer.


                                                              Many thanks for any assistance you can give me regarding this shortcut icon.


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                                                                @Teufelsmuhle I totally agree!


                                                                Im sick of deleting that damn icon!!!

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                                                                  I know this is an old post, but it's not the like the issue has changed in the last two years. I completely agree with the OP on this. I have been reading pdfs, pretty much every day for the last 7 years and do you know how many times I've accessed Adobe reader from the desktop icon? NEVER! Why would I when the pdf file launches the program anyway?  


                                                                  I dissagree that many other programs also do this, they don't, they present you with an option during initial install. They certainly don't arrogantly assume you want another shortcut on your desktop every time you update their software.


                                                                  I realise it's a minor problem, the shortcut is easily deleted and there's probably an option to stop it somewhere in customised settings but that's not the point, this sort of thing should be opt IN, not opt out. It's common courtesy. It's like having a repair guy come over to my house, fix my boiler and then add his address to my address book without asking, or stick a big poster on my wall with his phone number on it, just because I didn't tell him he couldn't. If I really want a shortcut on my desktop, then I'LL make a shortcut on my desktop!


                                                                  This isn't the only rude and annoying thing Adobe do, take assuming you want, and forcing you to opt out (not in) of installing the arguably completely useless Google toolbar on your browser when you download the reader in the first place. They make some great software but it's things like this that make me look fo alternatives whenever possible.

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                                                                    WhoTookMyNick? Level 1


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                                                                      I just had a revelation - it will probably come back to bite me so I am not suggesting that anyone actually do this but I navigated to c:\users\public\desktop, right clicked on the hated adobe reader icon and selected read only and hidden and selected apply. The icon disappeared so I let it update and it came back. So I did it again, this time also selecting security and advanced and removed inheritable permissions and deleting all permissions to the shortcut. The next update was unable to change the settings and eventhough it is not really gone, its gone from my sight, possibly forever. Take that b@$tards.


                                                                      P.S. thanks to shingles for pointing out that adobe can use permissions to keep the icon on the desktop, gave me the idea to use them to make it gone!

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                                                                        econcepts-1 Level 1

                                                                        This stopped working almost immediately - if the icon cannot be updated, the update will now fail. So I have changed to just assuming the icon is there and running a batch file periodically to remove it...


                                                                        it goes like this.. create a batch file like the following... (ie notepad c:\deladobe.bat)


                                                                        del "%public%\desktop\Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro.lnk"

                                                                        del "%public%\desktop\Adobe Acrobat 9 .lnk"

                                                                        del "%public%\desktop\Adobe Reader 9.lnk"

                                                                        del "%public%\desktop\Adobe Reader X.lnk"


                                                                        save it somewhere, ie c:\


                                                                        create an entry in task scheduler to run it every so often or just at login (preferably login of any users).


                                                                        anyway, thats what I did.

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                                                                          I also can't delete my icon. I can delete any other icon on my desktop, but I have to go to the system admin (work computer) every time I update to delete the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop icon. It's such a pain.

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                                                                            paulzfox Level 1

                                                                            I'm the exact opposite. I keep Recycle Bin, one folder, and one template on my desktop. Then, I set my desktop as my default download location for everything, and I file everything to the correct area throughout my day as time allows. I suppose I use it as my to-do list area, cleaning up as I go along.


                                                                            Different use cases call for different approaches