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    how do i capture from blackmagic?


      i've got a blackmagic decklink studio card on a windows vista machine. i'm trying to capture footage within premiere but it can't see my video feed. i know i've got it hooked up correctly because the blackmagic media express program shows me my incoming video, and i can record it and play it back.

      whenever i open up the capture window, it tells me my capture device is offline. within the menu options though, it does tell me that i'm hooked up via sony rs-422 protocol. my port is com1. not sure what else i'm missing, but i still can't see me video.

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          Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          That is a BlackMagic question.  As far as I know Premiere only captures via the Firewire port.  If as you say you can record your video then find a way to just import the the file.


          What format is the captured file?


          Does Blackmagic have a format that Premiere can import?


          Does BlackMagic have an import plugin for Premiere?


          RS 422/Com 1 buzzwords indicate slow speed serial ports that probably are just control signals not at all compatible with video signals.

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            jlb6503596 Level 1

            well i called blackmagic and asked them about capturing within premiere. they said that it was an adobe question and that it should be possible. but if it only captures via firewire i suppose that makes sense.

            as for the format it records in, i'd have to check but i'm sure it'll be compatible with premiere. i was just hoping that capturing sdi would be possible in order to keep it all in one program. final cut pro can do it, i just assumed adobe could as well.

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              Averdahl Level 3

              Mac or Pc?


              If Mac, Blackmagic Design has not released drivers for Pr CS4 yet.

              If PC, press F5 > Click on Settings > Click on Edit > Change Capture format from whatever to Blackmagic Capture > Click on Properties > Select what you want to capture, Video Standard and Video Format > Click on OK.


              If it does not work, go to the Control Panel > Click on Decklink > Make sure that everything is set correctly. Everything *must* match, if not = no capture in Pr.