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    Managing XML data in a process


      So what I have spent the morning trying to do is to get an XML variable to hold data from a form through several steps.  So Once the user fills out the initial form in Workspace, the process is invoked.  The first step is to process the data, which I do by using a Set Value operation to populate several fields on the next form that will show up (we'll call it the update form) and to write some of those values to an xml variable.  The form is a xfaForm variable with schema embedded and the XML variable also has a schema associated with it.  The schema on the variable corresponds to the bottom structure of the form which I named 'History'.  The idea is that, as this form is routed to different people (within the scope of this process instance) the data they input into the form will be written to this xml process variable which I can then use to populate the history section in the bottom.  The problem I'm having is that it works the first time around (when the first person gets the form and fills it out, but the next time the variable is being overwritten.  The idea was that in this dynamic form, as the xml variable grows so will the form.  Any body have any suggestions?  Jasmin you helped me out a while back with a similar issue dealing with the query for multiple rows operation and me needing the form to grow depending on the number of rows being returned.  Similar concept except we're not going to the database, we're trying to use the xml variable to build an xml document that'll be data provider for those fields....  Any help is welcome....Please