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    SpryMenuBar browsing issues

      I just established a spry menu bar on a site that I am designing and encountered a display issue. When previewing the page in Safari, Opera and Firefox the menu is showing exactly the way I want it. When I tried to display the menu in IE. The menu is blank. Do you know why this might be happening?

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          Ben M Adobe Community Professional
          Being that you are new here and without seeing the code I am assuming that you have not updated your Spry yet.

          http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/spry/home.html - This is the Spry Homepage. Here you will find the updater package. Inside the package you will find a ton of samples and an Extension. Install the Extension and restart DW. Then in DW you will find a new menu option under the Sites menu to update your Spry code. Run this updater and re-upload the SpryAssets folder. See if the problem still exists.

          If the problem does still exist we will need to see either a link to or the code from the document with the Spry in it and the Spry CSS document just to see what has been changed to evaluate what could be causing the issue.