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    RoboHelp 8 deleting topics when updating Word documents


      I am having problems consistently updating from the linked Word documents.  Upon either Update or Force Update, RoboHelp deletes all the current topics linked to the document and leaves one untitled topic.  If I Update again, all the topics reappear but all modifications like Index entries, Conditional Build Tags, Master Page assignments are gone.  All the topics have the Preserve Modification boxes checked; I only want to add new topics.


      This same document updated correctly three weeks ago.  I have not changed the Conversion setting for Word documents nor did I add any new styles in the Word documents.  All the Word documents were creating using three levels of headings, a new topic created for each heading, a minimun number of styles, and no figures.


      I am on Windows XP and RoboHelp  The project is located at C:\rh_projects\Project Online Help and the documents are located at C:\Project Online Help Docs.


      I have rebult the .cpd file regularly and the .xpj file once.  This did not help.  I have 230 topics attached to 10 Word documents: the smallest has 10 topics and the largest has 66 topics. The project has over 650 topics with figure topics.  It doesn't matter how many topics, the Word documents have all had this problem one time or another.  One of the other Word documents wouldn't update so I left it until I had time to redo all the topics , then three weeks later it updated just fine and I hadn't done anything. (I have rebuilt this project once when it was a third this size.  It took me a week)


      Any advice\help would be greatly appreciated.