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    CF8 & ASP.NET - Auto login to ASP app via CF


      Hello everyone I hope someone can provide me with the information I'm looking for :/


      My situation is this - I have inheritted a CF5 / FB3 application that is now in the process of being revamped and is currently running on CF8.


      I have also inheritted an application that is a mix of CF5 and ASP as well as an application that is completely ASP.NET 2.0.


      The customer, for the time being, would like to be able to log into the CF application and have their information automatically passed into the ASP.NET application so they don't have to log in twice.


      I have never worked with ASP / ASP.NET before and I'm looking for a way to do this.


      The ASP.NET application appears to be using asp:Login container/functionality.


      Thanks in advance,

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          mack_ Level 3

          One solution is to inform the ASP application that the client has

          logged in. You can do this by sending the ASP app a secure token after

          the client is logged in (by security token I mean for example a string

          encrypted with a password that is known to both applications). On the

          ASP side you can decrypt the string (that can contain the user ID or

          email) and log in the user automatically.



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            stsemrau Level 1

            I see what you are saying - however I don't have the source files at this time for the ASP.NET application so I don't have the ability to recompile the application.


            The ASP.NET application is using the ASP.NET Login control set.


            The scenario is this:


            • The CF application uses the standard web form for username and password.
            • User logs into the CF application
            • User navigates around application
            • User reaches a page that needs to ALSO present (in lne) information from the ASP.NET application
            • ASP.NET application requires a log in before navigation within the application



            This is the point at which I want to, behind the scenes, pass the username and password to the ASP.NET application so within the iframe the user is not seeing the Log In page of the ASP.NET application.


            I have tried using cfhttp with little success at this point trying to get past the ASP.NET login screen.

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              mack_ Level 3

              This works if the CF and ASP applications are on the same domain (for

              example site.com): you cfhttp the username and password to the asp

              application, get the cookies from the response and then set those

              cookies on the site.com domain (so the browser will send the cookies

              next time he connects to your site). This will not work if the ASP

              application associates a cookie with an IP (because the login request

              will be made from your CF server address or localhost and the client

              will send the cookies from a different IP).