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    IE8 Rendering


      Hello all, I am a new user of this wonderful program that is called Fireworks. I am really enjoying this program quite a bit and have learned a lot about design and layout, which is made so easy with this program. The only question I have is that is lately when I have been creating layouts and when I view them in IE 8 they all float to the right. I tried to export and set the alignement to center, but it still shows up aligned to the right. Firefox does not seem to do this and it displays this properly. Is the an issue with IE, or am I maybe not doing something correctly?


      For example, say I have a background, 1000 x 800 for example, and I have a rectangle content section over that background. When I hit F12 or export IE shows everything aligned to the right. I may try messing with the CSS, but it is just weird that it shows ok in Firefox, which I have gathered is the norm for IE.