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    Cannot set margins to 0 on Canon Pro9000


      i cannot set the print margins in lightroom 2.3 to 0. I'm not sure why this is the case. the problem just started. i could do it earlier today. as near as i can tell this occurs at all print sizes - 4x6, 5x7.... i reinstalled the driver for my canon printer (Canon Pixma Pro9000), but the problem persists. i can print borderless in photoshop cs3 and the printer seems to be working fine in other applications like Word and IE.


      for example, if i select a 4x6 paper size (4" x 6" 10x15 cm), then the print margins appear to be stuck at the following settings

      left: 0.14

      right: 0.12

      top: 0.11

      bottom: 0.21


      the max cell size allowed is the following:

      height: 5.68

      width: 3.50


      i cannot set the margins any lower than the above values without triggering an error message that says i am out of range below 0.14, etc. i cannot change the cell size to 6 x 4 without triggering a dialogue box that says i can't do that.


      i have no idea why this is occurring and don't seem to be able to fix the problem. i need to be able to print borderless pictures. it doesn't matter whether i select borderless from within the Page Setup. no matter what i try to do, i cannot print borderless any more.


      please help!

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          M Behrens Level 1

          In Lightroom - Print select a template to start from.

          Click Page Setup...

          Assure Canon Pro 9000 is selected

          Click Properties...

          Driver dialog: Page Setup tab

          Select Borderless Printing - Warning dialog informs you of "over spray"



          LR Layout panel - set Margins to 0 and Cell Size to max


          Update a template or create a new one to store the settings.


          This is from my Pro9500.

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            jmh2545 Level 1

            i deleted all of my presets and reinstalled my printer drivers. i also updated to a new version of the driver for the 9000 that was labeled 9000 XPS. i recreated my user templates as you suggested below adn for the time being things seem to be working okay. thanks a lot for responding. i super appreciate it. i was sort of "freaking" out thinking that i had a problem that was gonna persist for a while. i was actually thinking that the problem lay with lightroom 2.3, but that doesn't appear to be the case.


            hopefully, things will work from now on.


            thanks again, john

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              jmh2545 Level 1

              i managed to get a couple of templates set up with borderless margins (4x6 and 5x7). but....i just tried to set a template up for an 8.5x11 paper and i can get 2 of the margins to 0, but not all of them. here is what i get


              left: 0.00

              right: 0.01

              top: 0.00

              bottom: 0.01


              the best cell size that i can get is the following:

              Height: 10.99

              width: 8.48


              i cannot set the right and bottom margins to 0. i cannot set the cell size to 8.5 x 11. i don't know why. the page setup is for a borderless picture.


              i would love to hear any ideas about what might be going on.



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                jmh2545 Level 1

                i am thinking that lightroom cannot sync or calibrate properly to my printer. the problem may lie with the driver for the canon pro9000. there may also be tweaks inside the driver dialogu boxes that "tell" lightroom that it is capable of printing without borders. it is a weird problem not to be able to simply set the paper size to 8.5x11, then set each of the page margins to 0.


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                  M Behrens Level 1

                  I doubt there is a sync issue between LR and the printer driver. Pretty sure the LR team is aware of this printer model and working to assure its usefulness.


                  After selecting the Borderless Printing checkbox in the printer driver, there were some settings revealed to control the "over spray."  Have you tried working with these settings to coordinate with LR? I haven't done any borderless printing, I'm just good at getting these things to work together and usually it is a configuration issue over a compatibility or sync issue.


                  A feature of the Print Templates in LR is that they hold driver settings as well as LR settings. I've worked with folks who thought that you set up your driver and then select a template... this doesn't work because the template will set the driver to its settings - probably the ones that are incorrect. This is why my last direction was to update or create a new template after changing the driver.

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                    Hi. I have been having the exact same problem and apparently just solved it and a very simple fix it is.

                    Assuming you are working on a PC and not a MAC...

                    Go to Control Panel, click on View installed printers

                    Right click on Canon Pro9000

                    Click on Printing Preferences

                    Click on the Page Setup tab

                    Click on the checkbox for Borderless Printing

                    Click on Apply


                    After completing the above I was able to set all my 4 margins to zero in LR 2.3.


                    Hope this works for you too!