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    Rotate pages




      I am using this


      this.setPageRotations({nStart:this.pageNum, nEnd:this.pageNum, nRotate: 180});


      to rotate the page that is currently viewed in Acrobat (8.1.5)


      It works, but only once. Meaning, I want to be able to execute the script and have it continue to rotate by the nRotate value. So, I am assuming that setPageRotations not the equivelent of Document--Rotate Pages??


      Is there a way to rotate pages by increments? I should clarify that I need to rotate the page(s), not the view.


      Could not find anything in the reference to do this, and executing a menu item is not going to do the trick.



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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          What do you mean by "only once"? How many times do you expect this to happen?
          If you want it to happen more than once, for whatever reason, you can place it in a loop.

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            Bernd Alheit Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            So, I am assuming that setPageRotation not the equivelent of Document--Rotate Pages??



            You can use getPageRotation to get the rotation of a page. Then add your value and use setPageRotation.

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              kentgbaker Level 1

              I intend to have a script that when run rotates the page the set amount, if run again it would rotate another set amount. If my value was 90, run once the page would have rotated 90, run again and the page would be at 180, and so on.


              I will try Bernd's approach, it sounds like it will do the trick.


              Thank you both