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    Web Pages

    JerryCied Level 1


      I'm not afraid of sounding dumb.

      I am learning how to create a master web page and several other pages of content in FW.


      I have created a master page with three buttons.

      The three other pages just have some text. Page1 Page2 and Page3

      I have set up all the links correctly.


      Now if i export and save as PDF, it works.


      So I have two questions.

      1) Neither Preview nor F12 shows a functioning set of pages.

          so how do i test the links and the basic function of the master page and its three sub pages inside Fireworks?

      2) How do i export it as a collection of html pages and their images?

          The only way i can do this so far is to export each page and hope that the .htm names i give them match the page names i gave them in FW.

          There must be a better way. What if i have 100 pages in the project?


      Thank You all as usual.

      Jerry Cied