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    I need multiple submit by email buttons with different email addresses?




      I am currently using Adobe 8. I have created a form with multiple sections which requires 4 Submit by email buttons 2 with one address, 1 with another and 1 which will change depending on who is filling out my form.


      In my previous role I created a similar form but using Adobe 9 and when someone clicked the Submit by Email button it went straight to their outlook so that you could change the email address if you wished or type a nice little story. However my current form just pops up with a window saying that your email has been sent, so its skipping this step.


      The form also wont let me distribute it if they don't all contain the same email address ( i did not copy and paste my submit buttons either).


      Is there a way to have multiple submit buttons with different email addresses?

      And is there a way to make the form go through outlook before being emailed to the address?