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    Freezing the Flash Movie in a pop-up


      Hi All

      I have created 2 Flash movies in the form of a slideshow.
      The flash clips are embedded in the webpage that I was modifying and it works perfectly fine.

      What I would like to do is to allow users to be able to click on the flash image in the web pages. Once clicked, a new pop-up window will appear and it will show the freeze image of the flash that was being clicked at the moment.

      Currently I am only able to make the new pop-up window and the flash still played through itself in it while I need it to freeze and be static.

      Can anyone kindly give me some advice?

      thank u

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          How is the slideshow designed--is it timeline based or code-based?

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            peachtea192 Level 1

            Hi Ned


            Thanks for your reply.


            It is a time-based design. Hmmm so is there any solution to my problem?


            I would try any and every suggestions


            Thanks! Hope to hear from u soon (and other forum users )

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              AttaBoy2 Level 4

              I know with AS3 you can take a "snapshot" of your movie I did with this web site

              I'm working on http://www.cybermountainwebservices.com/client0/date/

              when you click the contact us button it takes a screenshot and runs a pixel dissolve on it.


              this is the code:


                  import flash.display.*;
                  import flash.display.BitmapData;
                  import flash.display.IBitmapDrawable;
                  import flash.media.*;
                  import flash.events.*;
                  import jim.interactive.*;
                  import btnHolder;


                  public class WebSite extends MovieClip
                      var mesolve:Dissolve2; // Dissolve2 lives in jim.interactive
                      var holder:btnHolder;
                      public function WebSite()
                          stage.align = StageAlign.TOP_LEFT;
                          stage.scaleMode = StageScaleMode.NO_SCALE;
                          holder = new btnHolder();
                      var onStage:*;
                      onStage = com;
                      var ratio:Number;
                      var rRatio:Number;
                      ratio = onStage.height/onStage.width;
                      rRatio = onStage.width/onStage.height;
                      var newRatio:Number;
                      function fillBG(evt:Event = null):void
                          newRatio = stage.stageHeight/stage.stageWidth;
                          holder.x = stage.stageWidth - (holder.width +25);
                          holder.y = 50;
                          if (newRatio > ratio)
                               onStage.height = stage.stageHeight;
                               onStage.width = stage.stageHeight * rRatio;
                                onStage.width = stage.stageWidth;
                                onStage.height = stage.stageWidth * ratio;
                      stage.addEventListener(Event.RESIZE, fillBG);
                      // ************************* buttons ***************
                      this.holder.mcContact.buttonMode = true;
                      this.holder.mcContact.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, gotoContact);
                      function gotoContact(e:MouseEvent){
                      var canvas:BitmapData = new BitmapData(stage.stageWidth, stage.stageHeight, false, 0xffffffff);
                      var bmp:Bitmap = new Bitmap(canvas);

                      mesolve = new Dissolve2(canvas);
                      mesolve.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, nextPage);
                      var contact:contactUs = new contactUs();
                      function nextPage(e:Event):void {
                          addChildAt(contact, 0);
                          onStage = contact;
              // ************************ buttons end ************

              The part in bold takes the "snapshot"

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                peachtea192 Level 1

                omg ur website looks creepy with that lady staring back at me haha


                ok can  i give it a try


                Thank u