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    Crossdomain.xml problem


      Hi All,

      I am facing problems in loading crossdomain while loading my swf ..actually my swf is on a web server and from there it redirects on to other server to fetch the media files where it tries to get the crosssdomain.xml but it is not possible to store it there as the mediafiles are stored in a bucket..though I have stored the crossdomain inside the bucket but storing the crossdomain at the level of the bucket is not possible thus it gives the exception like this.

      SecurityError: Error #2123: Security sandbox violation: Loader.content: http://**webserver location**/WebPlayer.swf cannot access
      "http://a.com/b/D977FF1634C40016C3FE87B0317B11DE.jpeg". No policy files granted access.
      at flash.display::Loader/get content()
      at com.umundo.actionscript.utils::BitmapLoader/onReallyComplete()

      While loading it gets the crossdomain at the level of http://a.com/b but not at the level of http://a.com.. as this is the path to the bucket and it is no actually possible to store the crossdomain there..
      Can anyone please tell as to what I should do in order to make this work..