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    Flash content with PHP to screen

    georgeeb Level 1

      I have a file that i designed, this file retrives data from a MYSQL database and prases it to the Flash document. Everything works fine on the webserver. It displays all that it is asked to display. However i would like to now display this on my 50 inch screen.


      I have a few questions


      1) Can Flash out put a SWF to this big of a screen? If yes, would you direct me to any resources that might be helpful


      2) Now since it woud not be bases on the browser, is there a subsititute for a webserver that could solve my problem for retriving the data from the Database?


      3) Is there another Adobe App that perhaps woould make my app more convinient



      Please advise me


      Thank you

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          RossRitchey Level 4

          1. Yes, Flash can output almost any size you want.  You will need to know the resolution the screen displays.  if it is a widescreen HD monitor, it likely displays up-to 1920x1080 (though the HD could also mean 1280x720).


          2/3. Yes and no.  You have several options here, depending on whether or not the computer will be connected to the network.

               1. You can run it off the local machine, connected to the network, as an AIR application, and call the PHP scripts the same as if it was in the browser on the server.

               2. You can create an AIR app that has the database embedded in it, if you won't have network connectivity (NOTE - this would involve converting the MySQL to SQLite)

               3. You can make the computer a server, and run everything from localhost in a Flash EXE.  This involves installing an Apache server, PHP, and MySQL on the local machine.  I would do this as a last step, if you can't do the other ones.


          Probably the most feasible solution would be to simply build your project as an AIR application, and run it the same as it runs now, though it would require an internet connection.

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            georgeeb Level 1

            Ross Ritchey thank you kindly for your explanation. I think it makes a lot of sense. I still have a another question for you?


            1) Is converting a already existing flash movie with the PHP connectivity a big deal, meaning do i have to develop the app from scratch or can it be simple converted through AIR?


            2) If one wanted to educate themselves on AIR technology are there any useful resources or even perhaps books, that could get me started?


            3) I am not sure if you are a freelancer, but would you be willing to contribue to my project for a pre-determined compensation? If yes feel free to send me a private message, if not no hardfeelings?



            Thank you so much, your answer has been a lot of help



            Best Regards

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              RossRitchey Level 4

              If you have Flash CS3 or CS4, then no, it is not a big deal to convert over to AIR.  AIR is simply another publish setting you can pick from. (So - target AIR 1.0 instead of FlashPlayer 9 for instance).  At that point, you then just use the create AIR file command in the Commands menu to export the final project.  The coding should carry over no problem.


              Here is the official Adobe AIR home page, from which you can find out all sorts of information about it:



              ( I am a freelancer, but I am booked up for the next couple of months with big projects )

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