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    Ensuring data shown on Candlestick chart

    Richard_Abbott Level 3

      Hi all,

      I am using a Candlestick chart (otherwise known as box-and-whisker - there is a central box region with a line extending above and below, typically used to show complet and typical ranges of a value). When I change the vertical axis min and max, the points are no longer displayed if any portion of the whole thing goes out of range (eg the top of the whisker is above the axis max, but the rest of the plot is within range). Does anyone know if there is a setting to force display if _any_ part of the display is in range?

      Thanks, Richard

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          _Natasha_ Level 4


          as I know where is no setting to fix it.

          This logic is going from Axis. Drawing optimization get only data which is fully in visible range. It's ok for points but even for LineSeries it's not always good.

          The only possible solution I know is to extend Axis.

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            Richard_Abbott Level 3


            thanks for this, though the answer is a bit disappointing! I'll think about extending Axis if the project has enough time...


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              Richard_Abbott Level 3

              Natasha and all,

              after a few weeks I went back to this and trawled through some Adobe information and found that in fact it was easier than I expected. Any chart series has a filterData property which is set to true by default. If true then some optimisation code means that the chart makes no attempt to draw things it considers out-of-range. If you set it to false then for that series the chart will attempt to draw all points regardless of values. In the case of a candlestick chart with a reasonable number of data values then this is just what you want - the partial candlestick area is shown and the ordinary area clipping means that Flex does not attempt to draw outside the axes. It also works for situations like where you have a line marked on top of another series (maybe a threshold line at a fixed value) which again runs the risk of being clipped if you zoom. You need to be careful if the series has large numbers of points, since the optimisation which is on by default is intended to prevent the code doing unnecessary work, but in my case it was just what was needed.