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    Building Digital Magazines using InDesignCS4 to FlashCS4


      Can anyone help?


      I am a designer using InDesignCS4 to export a 16 page document as a SWF file with a page curl page transition.
      I am also exporting a static footer bar that holds a client logo and website address that acts as a hyperlink to the client's website. I currently place these 2 SWF files in Dreamweaver, 16pager above the footer, 1 above the other, and save as .html, upload to an ftp site to get the whole thing to work as a FlippingBook page curl Digital Magazine with static footer bar and hyperlink that directs to the clients website to download the corresponding PDF and print.




      I am no Flash developer, but what I would LIKE to do is export from InDesignCS4 as an Adobe Flash CS4 Pro (XFL) document, open up in Flash where I know each spread imports as its own frame, save as a new .fla file, create some great Text effects with actionscript, which I CAN do. But what I can't do is export this as a SWF file AND retain the page curl transition it would have had as a SWF from InDesign??? Is there a way, despite handing over to 'my' Flash developer to encode (according to every video tutorial I have seen on the subject!), where I can 'stitch these page frames together to export my frames from flash with page curl, have the footer bar independently at the bottom, have the whole thing scale as one flash animation but also include some features such as print, zoom and 'goto' page field? At the moment all this appears to be alot of coding work.


      Any ideas?


      Many Thanks