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    Grr full screen mode


      Ok this is driving me nuts,


      I have just purchased PE7,  how can i get a created dvd to display in full screen on a 16.9 tv, I appreciate i will still get the small black bands top n bottom,, but what i am getting is a picture in the middle with large borders top n bottom and the sides.  I've tried creating a 16.9 project and recording in "cinema" mode but i still get these massive borders with the picture in the middle.


      Standard DVD plays the picture in teh middle but with bands on the lef n right, Ive watched a few i did ages ago with Pinacle studio and they all play full screen I.E no borders. 

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          Paul_LS Level 4

          Sorry I am a little confused, is your original video 16:9 and you want to burn a 16:9 DVD? If so you would not get black bands above and below when played on a 16:9 TV, you would on a 4:3 TV. Sounds like you burnt a standard 4:3 DVD with 16:9 material. Did you start with a widescreen project preset?

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            tsiphotography Level 1

            Yes i created a 16.9 project first, what i have found that if i click the preview screen i can drag the movie to fit the window and then when i burn it it does fill the screen, If i create a 16.9 project and then burn in 16.9 i get these big black borders all around the picture.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              From the sound of it, you are getting black bars on all sides (top-bottom, and both sides) on playback. Is that correct?


              It sounds as though the Scale is off. Please tell us about your Assets. It sounds as though you are starting with less than DVD sized material.


              It appears that you are in PAL-land, from the "uk" on your screen name. Is that correct?


              Now with SD material, 16:9 vs 4:3 is basically only a difference in the PAR (Pixel Aspect Ratio). If your material is adequately sized, then Intermpret Footage can be used to change the PAR. If there is a "border" around the entire frame, then you can use Motion>Scale Effect to "enlarge" your image within the confines of the screen. Note: if this amount is slight, quality will not change much. If it is major, you WILL see a quality hit.


              Last: different DVD set-top players have different ways of handling "wide-screen" material. Their settings can and will affect how the material is treated. Also, many TV sets have additional settings on how to display material that is not in its "navtive" format. Both devices, the set-top player and the TV can affect the visual output. This means there are potentially, a bunch of variables that could come into play. I'd still say that it sounds like your source footage is not quite large enough (frame size) to fill the frame. That's why I asked the question in paragraph 2.


              Good luck,



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                Paul_LS Level 4

                Sounds like your source material is not standard PAL 16:9 frame size. What is your source material? If it does not fill the frame when you put it on the timeline and you want it to you need to right click on the clip and turn off scale to frame. Then you can scale it to fill the whole screen... however you will lose part of the frame as it will be off screen.