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    Adobe 9.1 Issues Folder Redirection + Outlook


      I've setup the Adobe reader to install via AD. It installs no issues at all, my users have been having many issues with opening .pdf files from within their email ever since (all 26 of them).  If they manage to click them and save the files to their desktop there's no issues at all, however sometimes from within outlook itself when they right click the .pdf's they are left with an hourglass and Outlook eventually hangs.  We just recently moved back to Adobe Reader due to the Redirected Folder crashes, but I'm quite worried now that 26 users cannot open .pdf's in Outlook whatsoever.


      Network is setup as follows.


      Server, SBS2008 with userspace Folder Redirection turned on

      Clients Computers are all Windows Vista Patched to current

      Microsoft Office is 2007 Patched to current.



      Has anyone else seen this behavior at all?