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    How should be the diagram of the application with Air+JS ?


      Greetings Everybody (again).


      The thing is that I'm trying to migrate my AJAX+PHP Application to AIR, and everything was going really smooth. But, then start the pain with just some javascript function calls.


      Let me explain: In AJAX i have three pages for a Login procedure, one index.html that holds the diagram of the interface (like top, menu, main, bottom all in CSS), the login_form.html that holds only the form with a user/pass fields and the main_app.html, that appears only if the login in form.html its successful.


      So, in index.html i have a function like this:


      function updateView(urlHref) {


          var loader  = '<div id="loader" style=\"margin-left:25px;margin-top:25px;float:left\">'+
                            '<img src="images/ajax-loader.gif"></div>';


          form        = typeof(form) != 'undefined' ? form : '';
              type       : 'get',
              url        : urlHref,
              dataType   : 'html',
              cache      : false,
              beforeSend : function () {
              success    : function (html) {
                  if ($('#loader').fadeOut('slow'))




      This function loads a page in one div called #principal. So, when index is executed has a php code that checks if a session is active. If it makes a <body onLoad="updateView('main_app.html')">, if not calls the form <body onLoad="updateView('form.html')">.


      In AIR the call and the loaded page works perfect, but if form.html tryies to call a javascript function, just doesn't work.


      All the javascript functions and everything are located in index.html. In the browser this works perfect, i can load any page inside a div and this page can call a javascript funcition declared in index.html without problems.


      Maybe I'm doing a wrong approach to the design of the interface, but in AJAX+PHP all the views, forms, are separated in html pages, to keep the thing organized.


      I just keep reading, docs, cookbooks and everything but all the samples that i see are ONE form, or ONE view per application.


      So, how can I make this work, or wich are the correct aproach ?


      Thank you very much in advance.