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    cs4 not playing on server


      Hi, brand new to cs4.  Created a short swf file with video clip, playback component under the clip, and small gray box around it.  Plays fine locally.  Copy swf, html, f4v to server and the gray box shows up and the player component shows up, but no video plays.  Just have s white/green striped image running where the time indicator in the playback component shows up.  Have earlier version of Flash running on server fine (created through 3rd-party).


      Server is Windows Server2003, running IIS6.  Mime types include:


      .flv flv-application/octet-stream

      .f4v video/mp4

      .fla application/octet-stream

      .swf application/x-shockwave-flash


      All files withing same folder.   Within embed code, the src reference is just the file name.


      What gives folks?  Any ideas