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    Tips on Improving Performance on Macbook Pro OSX?


      Hi everyone,


      I am a diehard Fireworks fan - I use it all day at work on my PC and it performs wonderfully.  Unfortunately, it runs terribly poor on my home computer.  I have a Macbook Pro with 4GB of RAM running OSX Leopard.


      Overall, it's just very sluggish.  The properties panel takes that extra few seconds to refresh.  The brushes and eraser tools move at a snails pace.  Even dragging objects doesn't seem anywhere near as fluid as on the PC.


      Does anyone have any tips on improving its performance?

      Would disabling any programs running in the background be helpful?  I have a VShieldScanner running but that doesn't seem to be taking up much memory.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated because it's terribly disappointing not being able to use Fireworks on a Mac.