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    CS4 HD Monitoring


      I have been unable to find a qualifed adobe seasoned computer person in the Portland Oregon area to solve and fix this question for me and so am hoping that one of you could give me some basic guidance. I need to know enough to point a professional computer tech in the right direction.


      I am editing HD 1920 field footage (a mix of Red camera and DVC Pro 1080p) using cineform HD in CS4 and here is the question I can't seem to find a clear answer to. Beleive me, I have tried...I've tried Matrox Parhelia apve, dual cards etc etc and can't seem to configure what I need.


      What (equipment/software) do I need to be able to send my HD program signal to so I can view it on an independent monitor? I want the best resolution I can afford since we also do some 3D modeling and might try some color correction.


      My system specs are:


      SuperMicro XDAE server board

      Intel dual 3.0 ghz processors (4 cores)

      3 GB ram

      Win XP professional SP3

      Nvidia GT 9600 GSO running dual monitors


      The future plan is to have Vista installed for 64 bits, add 8-10 GB's ram and anything else I need to have done to bring this machine up to spec.Any thoughts greatfully accepted.