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    WAV or MP3

      Hi everyone,

      Do you use WAV files or MP3 files when adding sound to Captivate?

      Is there a difference in the sound quality?

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          mvlele Level 3
          Captivate always uses .wav for sound editing and always published the output with .mp3 audio format. So, whatever format you insert in Captivate, Captivate will convert .mp3 to .wav for its internal use.
          Published output will always have .mp3 audio file.

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            Papillon-ch Level 1
            'ello and thanks for the response.

            I noticed that WAV gets converted to mp3 when publishing. I got the feeling that mp3 files made from WAV lost a bit of sound quality if I converted the WAV to mp3 before putting it into Captivate.