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    Can't Remove Connection to Moved Website


      We recently moved some of the websites that we used to administer using Contribute and it's Publishing Server into a CMS.  However, I forgot to remove the sites from Contribute before we switched the DNS over to the new server, and now I seem to be suck with those old connections.


      If I go into Contribute > My Connections and select the site, the "Remove" button is disabled.  However, if I try to admin the site, I get an error saying that the server is down or not accepting connections (which is logical, since the login for the old site doesn't work for the new one since we're no longer editing files on the web server directly).


      How can I remove this connection if Remove is disabled and I can't administer the website?  I have some notes on changing the password in some XML file directly on the CPS when we removed the login a site was using, but in this case there is no new login to change it to (well, I suppose there is one that the CMS uses, but I don't know what it is).


      So how can I delete this connection?  Do I have to go into the CPS, find the folder for that connection and just delete it or something?  Or is there an easier way?