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    Why does Fireworks CS4 always attempt to export the wrong image???


      Fireworks CS4 on Mac 10.5.7

      When I have multiple images open, and do an image preview for export (Cmd-Shft-X) it ALWAYS brings up one of the other images to export.  I have to escape, click multiple times on the image I actually want to export, and try again.

      CS3 did not do this.  Is this some undocumented feature???  Honestly, what kind of stupidity is this???  Maybe you thought that designers would appreciate having random results like this.  Maybe you could have the program save to a random filename everytime I press Cmd-S.  Maybe you will patch it 8 months or a year from now.  Or more probably, you will just release CS5 and we can start all over again!!!

      Oh, how I miss Macromedia.  Adobe SUCKS!