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    Designer Developer Round-trip


      Hi all,


      I'm interested in the MXML that Catalyst produces, and how much work this might generate for the developer.


      My worry (as both a developer and a designer) is that all the mxml is going to be lumped into an 'Application' tag. This could create a boat-load of work for the developer, who would want to separate out the views into a folder structure. Then, if the original design changes, we're going to be playing an unpleasant game of hunt, copy, paste...


      Are there any plans to have a logical separation of the MXML generated by Catalyst?





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          njadobe2 Adobe Employee

          Hi Will


          One natural way that Flash Catalyst separates out code is through componentization. In the UI, it's very easy to select artwork and convert it to a component--for example, a button, a scrollbar, or a custom component. Custom components and skins for built-in components are automatically extracted into separate files, which can be named from within FC.





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