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    Using RoboHelp6 and Version Control on TFS


      My team is using RoboHelp6 and Version Control on TFS (Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Team Explorer and Source Control Explorer). We keep running into problems where changes, especially creating or deleting a folder cause the project to become corrupted and we have to drop back to a prior version to correct. We also can not do the generate primary layout under version control as it crashes RoboHelp. I have been checking these forums and so far I have discovered that since I loaded several files that should have been excluded they may be part of my problem. The files I loaded and should have excluded are (projectname.cpd, projectname.pss, projectname.hhp). So my question is this: If I reload the TFS with the project and exclude these files (projectname.cpd, projectname.pss, projectname.hhp) will we be able to do the generate the primary layout under version control or this not permitted under version control. Another question to ask; before I reload the project is what other files should be excluded when loading? The list have so far is: projectname.cpd projectname.pss projectname.hhp projectname.trl ehlpdhtm.js

      Thanks, Bob (No relation to John)