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    Reload cfLayOut tab




      I have a cfLayOut set up with 4 tabs.  On one of those tabs, I have a form that saves phone numbers for a particular person.  When I submit that form, I do so by passing in the field values via a button onClick event.  My AJAX script handles the processing, calls the ColdFusion action page that actually does the database work.  All is well.


      My problem:  I want that tab to automatically reload that form with the new changes.  In otherwords, there needs to be another call to the database and the form needs to be refreshed but ONLY within that tab.  I don't want the whole page to refresh.


      I'm having great trouble with this.  Can someone help?




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          ilssac Level 5

          The JavaScript function declared as the call back handler would accept the data returned by the ColdFusion function evoked in the AJAX call.  It would then use this data to repopulate the desired part of the application.  With a straight up HTML interface that would be standard DOM manipulation.  By using cflayout you are also mixing flash into the mix so actionScript is probably going to be involved in getting the data into place.


          I don't have any actual code to share as I've never done this.  But those are the technologies and key words you are going to need to use so hopefully that gives you some good search ammunition.