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    Does premiere pro 4.0 not have export to movie option? The export choice is media.  Can I export directly to an AVI format or do I have to use the Encoder.


      I am importing HDV 1080i footage and then trying to export immediately for DVD burn.  The export choices on Premiere Pro 4.0 are Media, OMF, and EDL.  Shouldn't there be an export to movie option? When I try to use encoder through the Media choice, the encoder either won't finish the task, it freezes right at the end, or if I use a smaller clip, it creates a format that iDVD won't accept. So I don't know how to get it to DVD.  Any suggestions?


      I am using Mac OS/X, I have a Canon HV20, I have tried shooting in several formats and have experienced problem in Final Cut Pro with banding occurring when objects move.  I would like to use Premiere, as there is no banding problem, just an exporting problem. 


      Thanks for any suggestions.