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    Get current target, assign to object?

    Handycam Level 1

      I have an object which extends MovieClip.  There are multiple instances created of it on the stage.


      The handler for the click event is:


      private function hotSpotClickHandler(e:Event):void {

      // make a mask that matches the size and position of the hot spot clicked on

      makeMask(e.currentTarget.width,e.currentTarget.height,e.currentTarget.x,e.currentTarget.y) ;



      I was looking for a way to not have to type e.currentTarget... every time.  I tried adding a line:


      var obj:Object =  new Object(e.current.target)


      so I could just say obj.width, obj.height etc.  But this did not work since e.current.target returns two parameters [object MovieClip].


      How could I accomplish this?