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    Issue with assigning an ArrayCollection onto a ModelLOcator ArrayCollection in Cairngorm framework.





      I have been having an issue with the modelLocator arrayCollection assignment of a local list after the Web Service result is returned.


      After the Web Service is returend with a list of data, I add each record as an Item onto my local ArrayCollection.

      Now that I want use this ArrayCollection on the datagird, I am trying to assign this local arraycollection onto my Arraycollection varibale on modelLocator, so it can be used on the mxmxl datagrid.


      However, the screen seems to freeze at this point of the code.


      Code Snippet:




      public var getBaseDataList: ArrayOfBaseData;


      Deletagate on result of Web Service call:


      __ccModel.getBaseDataList.addItem(data); // Code Freezes at this point.


      I am also tried to put the Webservice results into local list as,


      var baseList = new ArrayCollection;

      __ccModel.getBaseDataList = baseList; // Code Freezes at this point


      My local baseList does show as having 3 items.


      Any insight on this issue would be great.