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    Disc Menu for Premiere 7.0 empty



      I just installed Adobe Premiere 7.0 and started to play with it. I created series of .avi movies and now when I want to burn it on DVD, I click on the Disc Menu and it is empty. I have no templates. I tired to search for Tempate folder on my C drive, and found one that says document templates, but it is empty.

      Can you help me to upload templates, or where I can find tthem?

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          Paul_LS Level 4

          The DVD templates and extra content are installed seperately. Put the DVD back into your DVD drive and you should see "Install Additional Content"... or something like that. If you downloaded the software there is a seperate download for the extra content. this link tells you how to install the additional content for the download version if you have problems:


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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Do you have the download version, or the DVD version? For the latter, Paul_LS has you covered. For the former, you likely did not download and install the Functional Content. From the site, where you did the initial download, there should be a second archived file. The names are probably pretty similar. Get the other one. It will need to be fully Extracted, including its entire folder structure. Do this to a temp folder. Look in the Extracted file's folder and you should find an executable, like "setup.exe," or maybe "setup.msi," or very similar. Launch this file and it should find your PE installation and handle the rest. You may have to point it to the correct location, if you did not accept the default.


            If you no longer have the Adobe site for the download, gather up all of your info, like invoice #, date of purchase, your S/N, etc. Contact Adobe, and they will furnish you with a link.


            Good luck,