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    Adobe Air not working - error on mouseover or any interaction


      I had Adobe Air installed on Windows XP for a while, updated and all.


      It was working fine a few days ago, then an error repeatedly started occurring immediately after running an app.


      Normal Adobe Air deinstallation was not possible, due to the same problem - error on any GUI interaction.


      I finally managed to do a reinstall without GUI to no avail (I reinstalled Flash also). Any Air app still exits with error immediately.


      Any ideas?



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          Paulogo Level 1

          I still have the same problem and I'd really like to use some Air apps - HELP, ANYONE?

          Every Air app exits immediately with error! I'm running Windows XP (as admin).


          The logs should say something, I am listing them here:


          .airinstall.log SAYS:

          Starting silent x1 install from file:///G:/Adobe%20CS4/payloads/Acrobatcom-mul/acrobat.com_signed.air

          UI SWF load is complete

          stateRunningAppInstaller: appinstaller -runtime "G:\Adobe CS4\payloads\Acrobatcom-mul" -silent -withRuntime -url -programMenu file:///G:/Adobe%20CS4/payloads/Acrobatcom-mul/acrobat.com_signed.air

          App installer failed; exit code 7

          begin quitting


          .airappinstall.log SAYS:

          Starting app install of http://downloads.tweetdeck.com/TweetDeck_0_26.air

          UI SWF load is complete

          UI initialized

          Downloading file to C:\Documents and Settings\<USER>\Local Settings\Temp\fla1472.tmp

          Received HTTP Response Status event

          Response URL is http://downloads.tweetdeck.com/TweetDeck_0_26.air



          WIN XP SAYS:

          "...encountered a problem and needs to close..."

          AppName: seesmic desktop.exe AppVer: ModName: adobe air.dll

          ModVer: Offset: 000c7a7b