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    unable to make a selection in Fireworks CS4

    whatalotofrubbish Level 1

      I have many .png files created in earlier versions of Fireworks than CS4. I cannot select any item in the first ten that I tried. Can anyone tell me how to select items in CS4. Selecting them on the main screen does nothing. I can turn items off in the layers panel, but can find no way to edit a file.


      Has anyone else had this problem?


      There also seems to be a large degree of incompatibility with the fonts that I have in CS3 and CS4. CS4 seems to need to convert them for some reason.


      Can anyone help?


      For reference, I have deleted the preference file, and am using Windows XP latest edition, and Fireworks is version It all worked fine before the recent update.


      Meantime I have to get to work so its back to CS3


      Howard Walker


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