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    sqlite and sandboxbridge

      Hello together,

      I have a problem width getting information from my sqlite database.

      I have a table with a long list of "accessory parts" in a ChildDocument (IFrame) on a button click additional information for these "accessory parts" should been shown in the cell (indentified by an id) of the part name below the part name (Div + Ul + Information).

      I can make a database request from the ChildDocument over the SandboxBridge (or not ?!) to the parent document, but normaly then the eventListener for the database request takes over. The function called by the eventListener could do the HTML writing but using innerHTML width a table doesn't work- as far as I know - and even if I work with createElement the function called by the EventListener don't know where to write the information. You have any idea how I can pass the ID of the tablecell where the information should be written.

      Or are mind totally mixed up and there is a easier way.

      Thanks a lot in advance