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    Custom Format comma delimited values in text field as a bulleted list?

    badaboom_55 Level 1

      Hello All,


      I have a text field in an Acrobat 9.0 Professional form where the user inputs a series of values delimited by commas:

      Value 1, Value 2, Value 3, ...


      Is there a way to take those values and after the user has finished typing in the text field and deselected the text field, have the values display in a bullet list, i.e.:



      <li>Value 1</li>

      <li>Value 2</li>

      <li>Value 3</li>



      I know this is pretty easy to do in other languages that I'm familiar with, but I just don't know JavaScript syntax. I imagine I would need to put a script into the "Custom Format Script" of the text field.




      ps. Also, it's important that when the user "re-selects" the field to make changes, that they see the values as a comma delimited string, instead of the formatted list. Much like the default behavior of a currency formatted text field... when the user selects a currency field, Acrobat removes the dollar sign etc, so the user just inputs the number with no formatting, and when they're done, Acrobat adds the denomination and commas, decimals, etc.