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    Purchase ebook too small in Sony PRS-505


      I purchased an ebook for my Sony PRS-505.  Did the DRM dance, transferred it to the device, etc.  Now it's way too small to read on the 505.  The margins are enormous!  And zooming completely screws up the formatting.


      I paid for this ebook.  Now it's money wasted because I can't read either microscopic text or messed-up formatting.  And because of the DRM I can't open the file in Acrobat to remove the ridiculously huge margins.


      Any advice for fixing this problem?  Is there some kind of firmware update for the PRS-505 that fixes the reflow?  Is it a bug?  Is Adobe working on this issue?  Any kind of workaround for the formatting?


      Is there any DRM-friendly way to remove the margins?  I don't want to copy the file, I just want to be able to read it.


      Thank you!