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    Calling all Educators

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      Just forwarding an message from Dr. Allen Partridge, Technology
      Evangelist, Adobe Director – Shockwave
      He seemed to forget about these forums. Allen can be reached at

      I’m working on a special event for those of you who are in education.
      Could you ping me if you; a.) are on the faculty of a games or animation
      or digital media program at a college or university or b.) if you are
      otherwise working in education / training.

      We are pressing ahead with education related efforts and I want to try
      to form a relatively complete list of stakeholders in the space. Also
      can you please forward this question to friends who you know who meet
      this description.

      Thanks in advance,

      Educators - also, don't forget about my survey. Two weeks left:)


      Director Next Roadmap Survey

      Director Lecturer / Consultant / Director Enthusiast
      email: d.utian@unsw.edu.au