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    How does Flex SEO for user generated content work?

    HyderAlamgir Level 1

      We have a front-end that is being built entirely in Flex, and we wouldn't want to miss out on organic traffic. The currently acceptable means to optimize flex content is to generate xhtml pages from xml content. I'm really not looking for any flex-and-seo-are-like-oil-and-water replies, I know it can be done but we have no appepite for maintaining alternate html websites.


      Most of our content will be user-generated and stored in a database. Even if we generate html pages and cache them for bots to crawl, urls listed on search engines will point to that html page, not our flex landing page.


      I'm familiar with swfobject and swfaddress, but swfobject requires alternative static content and swfaddress, well, there seems to be no way to guide the search engines into recognizing what content relates to which url address.


      I'm fairly confused to how seo in flex works. I hope someone can provide a detailed response.


      We're willing to pay to a company or a professional to consult us on this, as we see this issue crucial to our business success.

      Please contact me at hyderalamgir [at] gmail [dot] com



      Besides that, I'd like opinions from the general community too.