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    Can you make a 'pie chart' with Lingo ?  or Java

    MAC800 Level 1

      Question pretty much like the subject above says. Just a basic pie chart from two numbers


      Alright, I want a pie chart to give a visual of a percentage.  The percentage would be a value of 1-100 in a field cast member

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          Mark A. Boyd Level 4

          I do hope you realise that it takes more than two numbers (or one single value from a #field member, as you've supplied) to display anything representing a pie chart. For example what exactly to you want that #field value to represent? Radius? Circumference? Portion of 100%?, etc... And what is this mysterious 2nd number you hint at, but do not define?


          Please understand that while nobody would deny the integrity of any of Valentin's scripts/Xtras, you surely know that it takes much more than two numbers to represent a pie chart - or even a single slice of a given pie chart.


          But, I'll bet that his class can get you there. Just wanting you to think about what you are asking for here.

          BTW, what on earth does Java have to do with your question? Were you thinking about JavaScript when you typed the subject? You are aware that Java <> JavaScript (or even EMCA syntax), right? Were you serious about Java?


          Not a slam, just wanting you to think out loud.


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