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    Server Instances

    Shail672021 Level 1

      Hello All,


      I would like to do more than 200 conversions at a time which sends input to server for exporting indd to inx.

      I don't know how many instances the server supports at time?


      Can someone tested this?





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          A.Held Level 1

          Hi Shail672021,


          you want to convert 200 .indd documents too .inx? The server will process a page after the other one. I do not understand the problem.



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            OSLOT Level 1

            The number of instances depends on the type of license you have. If you have Single Instance license you obviously can only run 1 instance.


            Assuming you have a Multiple Instance license you can run as much instances as you like. Starting 200 instances will be useless however. IDS works on a fist come first serve base.

            The Adobe documentation says “A general rule of thumb for the maximum number of InDesign Server instances running on one machine is to add one to the number of processors on the machine”. My experience is to keep the number of instances the same as the number of cores. You really need to test which number of instances performs best for the kind and amount of jobs you send to IDS.