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    Page not found error

    Quiet in the Corner



      I'm having a bit of an issue with a help file I recently generated. It's running through a Linux web server (I only mention it because many of my recent problems have centred around a Linux Apache server-based application). When users click on a topic in the table of contents the following message comes up:


      Not Found

      The requested URL  /help/system_configuration/system_date_and_time.htm was not found on this  server.


      But when the same topic is located using the Search facility, the page can be selected and displays OK. I used WinSCP to check that the source file was in the right place and I also ran the help file from my own version of the product but did not see the issue.


      The only difference between my system and the user's system is that mine was installed from a CD containing a full ISO build, while his was updated to the current build using a built in 'update' feature - so naturally I wonder if some files have been dropped or modified during the update process?


      Has anybody else seen this problem before and do you know the solution. It's hard bug-fixing when your own version is behaving impeccably!!!


      Thanks for your help,