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    Resizing graphics from illustrator to fit into Premiere




      Im new to premiere so my question is very basic i assume


      I have made up a bunch of graphics using illustrator, on an A4 size page...i saved them as Jpgs and when i import them into my prem movie, Which is a Standard PAL sized movie clip....they are really huge.......

      the only way i found to reduce the size uniformly was by going to ''Clip, Video Options, Scale to frame size '' which worked fine

      but when i export these as a video...when it plays, the graphics are Very blurry........looks really bad..


      is there anything i can do to make the images clear?


      am i resizing it wrong? and thats why they are being blurred?....


      its alittle video im making up for my niece, so if you guys could help with some advice that would be really great.