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    Cannot access arrayCollection's children in datagrid


      Hi Guys,

      I've got a Flex 3 application with an HTTPService returning an Atom feed. I catch the result from it and store it in an arrayCollection which is then the provider of my Datagrid.
      I have no problem accessing the data from the &quot;first-level&quot; of my Array, but cannot go under it.
      Not very clear, so here is some code:

      My XML [part of it]:


           <title>Test 2</title>
           <id>http://collaboration.*****.com/collaboration/messaging/feeds/****/todo//7D6637D3E86B3ED3C1 2575B***8479</id>
           <link rel=&quot;alternate&quot; href=&quot;notes:///C12575B4004***8/0/7D6637D3E86B3ED3C12575B6004E8479&quot; type=&quot;application/vnd.lotus-notes&quot;/>
           <clb:status>Not Started</clb:status>


      My Datagrid Code:


          <mx:AdvancedDataGrid y=&quot;10&quot; id=&quot;notesGrid&quot; width=&quot;90%&quot; height=&quot;243&quot; designViewDataType=&quot;flat&quot; x=&quot;10&quot; selectionMode=&quot;multipleRows&quot; dataProvider=&quot;{notesArray}&quot; >
            <mx:AdvancedDataGridColumn headerText=&quot;STATUT&quot; dataField=&quot;todo.status&quot;/>


      The &quot;title&quot; column shows the data correctly, but the status column is empty ! When I launch my app in debug mode, I can see that my notesArray has the correct format and I can access todo -> status with the value...

      I've been stuck on this for a few days, I'd appreciate any help !
      Thanks and best regards !!