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    Coldfusion + Google Maps API


      I realize this is less of a coldfusion question and more of a google api question but I figured you guys would know more about the integration within coldfusion than others.  I am using the coldfusion/google maps tutorial available here: http://tutorial397.easycfm.com/


      I am using the "multiple markers" part.  So I have a query that pulls all of the Long and Lat information and it displays it in the map perfectly.  It is fully functional with the exception the map does not automatically zoom and center so all of the points are visible.  I am currently manually inputing a zoom level and long, lat to center.  Does anyone here have experience with automatically centering and zooming dynamic data in google maps api.  I have searched the internet endlessly and have been unable to find a tutorial or peice of code that 'actually' works with the code I am using.


      Thanks in advance,