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    Insert a Photo into form?


      1. We're deciding which version of Adobe to buy...

      We have a form that applicants are required to fill out.

      I have successfully created this form using Acrobat 9 Pro (trial version on Windows Vista).


      Are we able to insert a photo of the applicant onto the form?

      And if so, how do I do it?  I need to demonstrate that this works to our board before a purchase is made.

      So far I've only done a 'workaround solution' which is to create a button, icon only and insert photo.

      Is there a better way?


      And my last question....



      2.  Which version to buy?  What we need it to do is:

      a. send out the form by email to 22 people per week

      b. have applicants complete several highlighted fields & return the form by email to us along with a photo

      c. we insert their photo on 3 pages if they haven't already done it

      d. we print it out

      e..when the applicant arrives for their exam, they are given their exam.  They check off some boxes manually with a pen

      f.  we scan the completed 2 sided form into our computer for storage and retrieval


      Do we need Standard or Pro ?


      Thank you very much

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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          You cannot use either to do what you wish. There is a 500 use per form requirement for Reader enabled pdf files. You would need to use the LifeCycle Reader Extensions (a pretty expensive product). I don't know if you can do what you want in terms of attaching photos. It might work with Designer (please ask in the Designer forum) or it might require LifeCycle Forms (check in the LifeCycle Forms forum).  You can avoid some of these restrictions if you do no ask the user to send back the pdf, but have them fill out the form on the internet and have them submit the data to you via a database and/or webscript.

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            Allta Media Adobe Community Professional

            The button technique to insert photos will work if your form recipients have Acrobat not Reader. If they are using Reader, then you'll want to investigate using LiveCycle Designer to create a image field for your photos. Here is a blog tip with more information on Enabling Adobe Reader Users Options for Importing Images on Forms.


            Only the Pro. (and Pro. Extended) version of Acrobat 9 includes LiveCycle Designer.

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              Michael jochum

              I am wanting to do the same thing, I am using a mac computer and don't want to buy LiveCycle, Is there another way to do it without that program? I have pro but it didn't come with live cycle designer?




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                Bill@VT Level 7

                Are you sure you do not have Designer. Go to the FORMS menu and try to create a form. That should take you to Designer.


                In terms of the application process, you are not limited to 500 uses as long as you only have the data submitted and do not enable Reader Rights (allows Reader to save the form with the data). You may be able to do the image with Designer, but also be aware that the user will have to have a new enough version of Acrobat or Reader to use the feature -- not sure which version is required. A lot of folks to not have either AR9 or AA9.

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                  Michael jochum Level 1

                  Thanks for the help, but that just opens the PDF in the form editing thing it doesn't open another program if thats what its supposed to do?

                  I really need a simple button that you can click on and attach a photo to the pdf. I have tried, execute menu item document attach file. but that just creates a button that does nothing when you click on it.


                  Still stuck???



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                    Bernd Alheit Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Is LiveCycle Designer available on the Mac?

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                      I am having a issue with a file that I created in Adobe lifecycle and then tried to fill out the form in adobe reader 9.


                      Here is the big issue I can fill out the form but can not save the information that I put in the form. It will only allow me to save a blank copy of the form. It tells me that in order to keep the information I must fill the form out and print a copy. How do I change the setting on the Life cycle version in order to allow people to keep a electronic copy of the PDF if they olny have adobe reader 9? I anyone know how to get that done please let me know.



                      Here is what software I have:

                      Adobe pro 9

                      Adobe lifecycle designer ES 8.2

                      Adobe reader 9

                      Adobe distiller 9

                      Adobe photo shop elements 3.0

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                        Allta Media Adobe Community Professional

                        You need to reader-enable your form in Acrobat Pro. for this to work. Advanced > Extend Features in Adobe Reader.

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                          malloy_david Level 1

                          Thank you soo much your the best.

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                            i just read through the thread but couldn't really follow due to my lack of knowledge of acrobat.

                            even if i don't know how it seems to be possible to generate a pdf which can be used to attach photos to it with a acrobat reader or any other pdf reader.

                            it would be great if anyone could explain a bit more in detail how to do this.

                            my question was if it is also possible to attach any other file to the pdf?

                            i am a dentist specialising in implantology but unfortunately there is no software which meets the needs for implantologists regarding an exam and diagnosis. everything has to be typed manually in a practice management software which is very expensive and will not be installed on my laptop as i visit the practice just once a week (license too expensive and not useable anyway because server client software).

                            i would now like to make a .pdf that i can run on every computer with a acrobat reader which alows me to enter everthing i find during my exam.

                            it would be absolutely awesome if i could also attach clinical photographs, xrays and 3d scan data. there is no need for acrobat to be able to display these data. it just needs to store them in the pdf so i could make the pdf attach al the files and just import it in the software in each practice for each patient.


                            thanks for the help!

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                              azril imran

                              I didnt realize the question has been answered in a simpler way.


                              Open ur form file in Adobe Pro. choose to distribute form. click on Delivery method, from the drop down menu choose "manually collect responses in my email inbox", click next, then select "save a local copy and manually send it later". Adobe will create another file with "<original_file_name>_distributed.pdf". u can fill up this form and save.

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                                mario70lopez Level 1

                                Place an image or object



                                1. Choose Tools > Advanced Editing > TouchUp Object Tool .
                                2. Right-click the page and choose Place Image.
                                3. Choose one of the following file formats: BMP, GIF, JPEG, PCX, PNG, EPS/PS, or TIFF.
                                4. Select an image file, and click Open.
                                A copy of the image file appears in the center of the page, at the same resolution as the original file.
                                Note: Editing and saving a digitally signed PDF invalidates the signature.
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                                  MoreDrivel Level 1

                                  thank you!