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    event listener question

    ice9_us Level 1



      false, 0, true);


      if i add childeren this way.. and i have say.. 5 or 6..

      I remove all the children by calling removeAllchildren();


      how do i remove the eventListener when calling removeAllchildren();


      do the listeners remove with the removeallchildren();  call ?

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          run,ryan! Level 3

          public override function removeChild(child:DisplayObject):DisplayObject

                Removes a child DisplayObject from the child list of this Container.    The removed child will have its parent    property set to null.    The child will still exist unless explicitly destroyed.    If you add it to another container,    it will retain its last known state.           


          If you no longer need an event listener, remove it by calling removeEventListener(), or memory problems could result. Objects with registered event listeners are not automatically removed from memory because the garbage collector does not remove objects that still have references.


          A strong reference (the default) prevents your listener from being garbage-collected. A weak reference does not.  

          so you have to remove eventListener manually after you removeAllChildren()

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            BennyBeta Level 4

            Because you passed true for the last argument to addEventListener(), the listener was added as a weak reference.  This means you shouldn't have to manually remove it.


            Ben Edwards

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              ice9_us Level 1

              I know that... my question is...



              if i add via:



              for ( var a:Number=0; somevalue[a]; a++ ) {

              notMyTickets =

              false, 0, true);

              new TicketDisplayBox();









              i add five children..

              I want  to remove them ALL..  Do i ...


              for (  a=0;AssignedNotOwnedBox.removeEventListener....; a++) {











              how do i make sure the listener and child are moved for that specfic instance...????


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                ice9_us Level 1

                ok.. so my thinking is correct..

                removeAllchildren() is safe and will not be a cause of any memory leak when i remove the children right?

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                  BennyBeta Level 4

                  Yes, your thinking is correct.

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                    ice9_us Level 1

                    thanks for your time.. i hope to be able to repay some how one day

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                      BennyBeta Level 4

                      You're welcome.  Thanks for saying thanks!

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                        run,ryan! Level 3

                        well... I don't think so...

                        gc is not always runing, so it may not removed immediately.

                        and after removeAllChildren, it will gc the weak listener first, any change during this time will trigger the listener (it may changed programmatically, though you are likely not to do that). And after that, it will collect removed children when gc is called the second time (its not collected the first time 'cause you have ref of your removed children on listener)